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I wish I could know what a peaceful mind feels like. I have so many different thoughts all together at once. It’s burdening.

I stayed up till 4:30 in the morning to do this. Mostly listened to Nite Flights. I want to die.

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Anonymous: "Keep trying and keep being alive! thanks for posting. I love your art. :)"

Oh thank you! I hate being sad more then anyone would want to hear me complain about it. It’s like I volunteer myself to walk up to blades of a fan and get decapitated again and again.


Moth 05 by DMT@YLOR on Flickr.
It almost seems impossible, in a world of 100 thousand other artists, that I should do even try…or be alive for that matter. Maybe it’s true I’m my greatest obstacle, but then thats naive to ignore all the wonderful art that’s being produced by others.

Soured souped up to preform. Proliferate where it is so torn. In and out our minds and blood streams flow, abnormal atoms weave into backbones. 

My spell of enchantment.

"Sister" 2014 pen on paper.

"Running and Seeking" The shackled alien has escaped. Why was the alien imprisoned? Because it is genderless, therefore different, and the world hasn’t learned to tolerate all differences. However, this other female alien is gonna be the one to show this genderless alien a hideout of an underground culture advanced in acceptance and equality!